firma_img.pngThe Agamat company was created in 1995. From the beginning of its activity it has concentrated on the production of vitamin, mineral, herbal and sanitary preparations for pigeons. Frequent contacts with pigeon fanciers allowed to improve the produced articles and implement new solutions. The veterinary, medical and zootechnical knowledge have made us improve our technological production, which resulted in meeting the satisfaction of the fanciers of carrier and decorative pigeons.

We are a recognized producer of articles for pigeons on the Polish and Foreign markets, the producer of brand and proven preparations. It is our satisfaction, but we don’t stop at this. Our mission is to satisfy the users of our goods, supplying the full variety of necessary preparations in the pigeon fancying which help in the work of pigeon fanciers both professional and amateurs.

Our mission is realized through introducing new production technology, expanding specialist knowledge, frequent contact with the pigeon fanciers.

The Agamat company expands its activity through its development. We produce professional feed for pigeons and vitamin and mineral preparations for other species of animals. We are open to suggestions of pigeon fanciers and lovers, for good and positive advice from the users of our preparations.

We are going to work in such a way that the satisfaction of all pigeon fanciers using the preparations produced by us was also our satisfaction.

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